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texler  23.11.2006
MrDonkey  24.09.2007
Wow! so freaking cool, just where i was looking for.
ArmidiloX  22.11.2007
Really cool font dude but i can't change the window that it opens to and now it opens to Windows Office word and it won't work so i can't use it
JohnnyK  27.11.2007
whats the password
mick rules465  15.12.2007
dude the font doesent work you idiot i cant believe you
kdashroe  04.02.2008
hey, thanks. font works great. if you can't get it to work you're a moron.
masterchief  22.02.2008
Really cool, im a halo freak but one problem, it doesn't work
death dragon  10.12.2008
Really cool, but i can't use it and it doens't work...
Anthem  20.01.2009
bande d'anglais vive la france
Brace  18.05.2009
Thanks VERY MUCH. :)
Awesome font. This is really the kind of font i was looking for.
As for those who can't make it work, what the hell is wrong with you? Just install it like every other font.
firsha13  01.07.2009
OMG awsum font, if u cant download it to an XP read on transfer all files from the folder to a folder in (C:) drive ie temp then goto control panel 'appearence and themes' then fonts (on the left) then file install new font, double click C:\ find the file u transfered it to double click on it the font name should appear at the top
click on the font and then ok... ... thats it
need any additional help send me a message to firsha13@msn.com subject " Help with fonts "
Serithi  30.09.2010
Alright, i downloaded the font, but winzip and winrar treat the .zip it like it's damaged or something. Winrar comes up with "! C:\Users\XXXX\Desktop\halo.zip: Unexpected end of archive" when i open the .zip with that, and if i try to extract anything it comes up with the same error. And winzip can't even load it. I've installed other fonts from here and they've worked fine, i don't know why this is screwed up. Any help would be appreciated.
Serithi  30.09.2010
Alright, nevermind, i tried "open file" instead of "download file" or whatever, and it worked.
EDboi  16.10.2010
This is awesome, all of you imbisils who don't know how to download a font nead to gat a edukation?
EDboi  16.10.2010
Hou cum thiz fonnt haz know pound sine? Ingles peepl goo hear two?
EDboi  16.10.2010
Att leest ingles peeple no hou two spel?
EDboi  16.10.2010
eye stil thinc thiz iz orsum?
EDboi  16.10.2010
'N' ee replyz!
Zombie_Puke  11.05.2011
Some of you people are super retarded >:U

This font is super amazing and I'm using it in my Graphic Design class ((Kthnx))
Works PERFECTLY!! <3 Halo
sanity1995  19.10.2011
you should add the circle thing to the numbers
Gummybear503  17.06.2012
Thanks man this is perfect it worked perfectly. Awesome font.
Also, I'm thinking to use this on my Youtube account, Raostars. Again, thanks a lot!!! d:=
mot47  22.07.2013
Hey I'm just wondering how to get it to work as it says that it won't install as it isn't a valid font.
K1ll3r98  15.10.2014
i love this font. most my friends wonder where i got it. very cool and very accurate. i just love it
karoonys  24.11.2015
awesome!!! u r amazing!! :D :D
ABC Watson  07.04.2020
Thank you a lot for this font man, you killed it !
lalajune  24.12.2021
Awesome, thanks!!
CLan  25.10.2022
This was really cool. Its nice to use both the filler and just the outline.

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