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Pure guava  14.09.2008
Awesome this is so cool!
Jaderulzzz  15.09.2008
this is like the coolest font ever sweet !!!!!!!!!!RADICAL lol!!!!!!!!!!
chocola  21.10.2008
very cool
stevenla313  16.03.2009
I absolutely LOVE this font! Any plans to make other variations such as a bold or one with an outline?
DaBigCheeze  28.03.2009
Ooh, sparkly. :3
prima_ballerina  27.04.2009
I love this font - it's awesome :) but whenever I type the words I want it to come up in, they never come out and it is just blank!!! Could u maybe fix it??? thnx
prima_ballerina  27.04.2009
daniabi  27.06.2009
........reminds me of fairly odd parents..:)
punch in the head  22.07.2009
Ann McCauley  04.09.2009
WOW!! I LOVE it!! Is this available for commercial use?
Lj&jZ  14.01.2010
This is sexy
loveloveday  18.05.2010
this is cute!
tinasparkle  02.06.2010
Hello, I would like to request permission to use your font. I am never sure what commercial purposes means! The font will feature on some greetings cards for a charity that helps children in at risk in Brazil. It will be a small run of cards I believe and most proceeds go to charity, the rest goes to print and production. Please email me at I can put a credit to you on the back of the card if this suits you. Look forward to hearing from you. Victoria.
jscocozza  04.09.2010
Hello, think your font s fun and would love to use it for a catalog I am doing. it's a BTB print catalog. I think your font would add a fun touch of whimsy. Can offer a line of credit if you like. Would be pleased to hear back from you
Dragon200  03.10.2010
Does not understand the rare that this is? Very nice.
rachelatunf  14.10.2010
please email with a license price THANK YOU!
kardle  19.09.2011
could you please let me know your pricing for commercial use.
thank you,
mianakitty  08.10.2011
My most favorite fonts, and I've been using it for years.
nadianiggli  11.09.2013
I'd like to use this font in a non-profit museum for some signage. Can you email me at and let me know your terms. Thanks so much!
Malwina  27.06.2014
pkreadsalot  21.07.2014
Please email me with your pricing for commercial use at Thank you!
Tnb_Petrus  21.08.2014
I'd like to use this font for a commercial use.
Please, email me with your conditions: Thanks!
becki225  16.10.2014
Hi, I would like to apply for commercial use please.
typpa  02.12.2014
Hello. We find this font good for our projekt. Can you please send me your conditions and price for me to use your font.

atoutevents  20.01.2015
Hi, I would like to apply for commercial use please.
Please, email me with your conditions. Thanks!
je suis français. parlez-vous français?
armida  07.02.2015

I would like to use this font on a shirt and sell it. They look so magical and fancy. What are your conditions if ever?. My email address is Many many thanks!
lynhamb  08.04.2015
I'd like to use this font on a shirt and sell it. Love love the font! Please email me if you have a policy for using it. Thank you kindly. Lynette at
kavel  16.07.2015
Hello, I want to use this font for small business purposes.
I am also having problems with some of the letters, please could you contact me about commercial use. kavel72(@) Thanks!
MargKinneen  14.08.2015
I'd love to use this on my website. I reveal the truth in fairytales and this font would be so magical to use with my work. How do you feel about this? My email address is
suzlaw  18.05.2016
Hi. What is the policy for using this font in a book? A very small amount will be produced.
chrissy_sea  14.12.2016
Please email me with your pricing for commercial use at Thank you!
Neptune37  16.12.2016
I would like this font on a business card / logo etc.
How much does it cost for commercial use?
ptrs73  16.12.2016
What about commercial use?
ptrs73  16.12.2016
Please email me for the costs for commercial use, at
ASwint  23.03.2017
Can I please get information for commercial use?
Josabloom  20.05.2017
Would love to use your font for my small biz, please send any info to! Thanks so much!!
barbara.and  02.07.2017
please could you send me more infos about your font. thank you barbara
fontdiner  Autor von Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly   24.07.2017
Any and all commercial uses for this font can be purchased at our site:
molozatımı  17.03.2018
I used this font on this site very much
bullet starts anni  23.11.2019
Wow, very very very cool, amazing
nickyneedsafont  24.03.2020
I would love to use your font for my little engraving business, could you please email me a price
fontdiner  Autor von Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly   20.04.2020
Email us at if you wish to use the font commercially. Thanks, Stuart

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