Face Your Fears

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pandamen  03.11.2011
nice font
soozyb  20.01.2012
the key to change is to let go of fear. Love this font. Good work.
sunfall133  10.02.2012
jellyfishsandwich  25.02.2013
Hey, I'd like your permission to use this font in a commercial sense. Obviously I want your permission first and I'll also donate. If you don't mind me using it would you like me to donate a sum upfront or donate a percentage of the profits?
wani_08  27.06.2014
Hi. I would like to use this font as for commercial use as well. Please contact me at wani.nahar08@gmail.com. I would want to make donation prior this too.
shaybooher  17.04.2015
What is the process to use these fonts for commercial use. I just started a shirt printing company and love these and would like to use them. Thanks
Bonfyre  31.03.2016
Congrats on getting this font used for Layers of Fear!
hanoded  Autor von Face Your Fears   31.03.2016
;-) Is it something big, this Layers of Fear? It's a game, that I know...
Bonfyre  17.05.2016
Layers of Fear actually gotten mostly negative reviews, but it's still a decent horror game, good enough to make DAGames make a song based off the game.
ingust  22.07.2017
Can I use your wonderful font for my book of horror, with different short stories, for schoolchildren age 10-13? I will pay myself for printing 100 books.
ingust  22.07.2017
Please contact me at ibgustafsson@comhem.se about my question above.

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