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hanulnoon12  07.12.2020

Is this font available for commercial use?

Please let me know.
kurnia setyadi  07.12.2020
This font is free. You can use this font for commercial use too.

No need to purchase license.

Joe Letter  Autor von Comic Shark   07.12.2020
It's answered already, this font is free for commercial use as well. Thanks, dude!
nicholas.grubelic  10.04.2024
I absolutely despise this font. It's stinky!!!
TheMom  17.04.2024
Thank you. Perfect for comic-art card. No info in zip, so how does one tip you? If I DO ever make money on the card, I'll gladly share! : )
TheMom  17.04.2024
Oh yeah, Nicholas: Ask for your money back. ; )

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