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Kiddiefonts  Autor von Children in Need   14.11.2011
This font (PUDSEY)bears no resemblance to the Marshmallow font used for the "show your spots let's raise lots!" logo created by Ben Balvans available to buy @ it has been created as a donationware font if you donwload this please donate whatever you can to OR
Kiddiefonts  Autor von Children in Need   14.11.2011
Play spot Grease is the word...... @ 00A7
Kiddiefonts  Autor von Children in Need   17.11.2011
Please Support our Children in Need 2011 Font Campaign using JustGiving donate whatever you can @
pixie_princezz  03.12.2012
Hey kiddiefonts! i luv what u raising money for. i also luv ur font.ur font has poka-dots!

Kiddiefonts  Autor von Children in Need   31.10.2014
Appeal night for Children in Need is the 14th November 2014 be sure to download @ and donate whatever you can via our JustGiving page @

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