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MAWNS  Autor von Channel   14.06.2011
@Matt Grey Design:
Good job! It's correct... Obviously :)
Puppy  04.07.2011
Nice font, I like the lower-case
ninjaton  15.07.2011
naziarockz_35  20.07.2011
i luv it gr8 job
aupu  11.10.2011
bullies3  19.11.2011
can I use it for commercial?
Time's Up  11.12.2011
This is so cute!!
l'atelier de Julie  04.01.2012
Bonjour, je suis julie et je créais mon entreprise de décoration, j'aime énormément votre police et j'aimerai l'utiliser pour mon nom, comment faire??

merci de votre réponsee
psharma  11.01.2012
Why is it cut off when i try to use it in Word?
MAWNS  Autor von Channel   12.01.2012
psharma: Increase line space.
psharma  17.01.2012
hensondesign  30.01.2012
gorgeous font! what do we need to do in order to use it commercially? thanks!
MAWNS  Autor von Channel   04.02.2012
hensondesign: Please read the description of the font.
rayed12  14.03.2012
Why is it cut off when i try to use it in Word?
MAWNS  Autor von Channel   21.03.2012
rayed12: Read my comment above. Increase line space.
niDa Vinci  24.07.2012
pong_4  01.08.2012
good front
nolis  06.12.2012
i have the name of my son tattued in my heart whith this Font! tks grate jobbb
koledy  13.12.2012
I was looking for something like that, thanks a lot!
Patti O  14.12.2012
This is perfect for a friend's invitation I'm making. Thanks for creating it!
Ilona Smadja  16.04.2013
Can we use this font for our company's logo? Please let me know. Thank you!
sfaball  19.06.2013
I have increased line spacing as suggested to someone else- all the way to 5, but it is still getting cut off. Help! Love the font!
cour10e  09.07.2013
Can I use this font for a logo design for a company I am working on? If not that is fine it said free for personal use so I just wanted to make sure.
MAWNS  Autor von Channel   12.07.2013
sfaball: "Comments about installation troubles will be deleted. Please check the FAQ for that."

cour10e and other people asking about permission to use the font: Please, read the description
Gelöschter Benutzer 705955  20.07.2013
Thats brilliant
msamrca  30.07.2013
I'm having the same issue as sfball. Even after increasing the spacing, the font still cuts off and the FAQ does not address a way to fix this :(
Kelsey5186  21.01.2014
Can I PLEASE use it for Commercial? THANKS
Kelsey5186  21.01.2014
ignore my comment sorry got it!!
TriciaDK  24.07.2014
How do I add the delightful flourish at the end of the word? Thanks!
MAWNS  Autor von Channel   25.07.2014
Mark01  18.11.2014
IMHO one of the best fonts for handwritten text.
kred  22.11.2014
Not very typical handwitten one, but wonderful...
Peter.dar  03.05.2015
A wonderful calligraphy font
tjimenez80  13.05.2015
I am having trouble downloading this there a different way of doing it?
atiengou  05.09.2015
Hi. can I use it for commercial? thanks.
MAWNS  Autor von Channel   08.09.2015
Yes, with the license. Read the description.
Pekabelo  28.01.2016
Hi. Would it be ok to use this font in the programme for a school production- I guess this is commercial use, so thought I had better ask. It's for a run of about 200 programmes.


Pekabelo  28.01.2016
Sorry, if you need to email me an answer, you can contact me on

Thanks for your time.
MAWNS  Autor von Channel   29.01.2016
For any questions, email
But first read the description:
jboymom  23.08.2016
the channel and bromello downloads keep cutting off at the top. I have tried numerous times to reinstall... Please help.


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