Ascent 2 Stardom

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club.two19  25.06.2008
Nice job man! Reminds me of a grimy patriot
gretta89  08.07.2008
Gichi  21.10.2008
Ifell in LOve w/// THisfont,,,!
ayuvivian  12.11.2008
MichaelJP  25.01.2009
Is this design based on a logo or something? It seems vaguely familiar.
ChaosElement  17.08.2009
How do you add wings to it??
Colv24  24.10.2009
mtnram  27.10.2010
Can't get the do you add those? .k .h? not sure what that means
codyg0733  11.01.2011
Love the font! What is considered "personal use?"  01.05.2012
Hi I would like to ask you about using this font, please email me ASAP at
MrFoster  28.07.2012
Hey, I would like imformation on using this font style. Pls contact me via email:
thanks again
SniperRifle123  18.10.2012
I love this font. I use it literally everywhere, even if it's not appropriate.
gymbully  14.05.2013
I want to use this font for a business concept; what do I have to do?
aschmutzler  02.07.2013
How would you be able use this font for a business? Need to know ASAP! Thanks!
crazyfactory_srl  03.11.2013

Can I need your fond for my new store in Romania its possible?

Best regards

Philipp Rasche
dlbroshar  01.02.2014
I would like to use your font for a small sports team. What do I need to do? You can reach me at
fonk2  20.02.2015
Nice work man, would it be possible to use it for a small business? Please let me know thanks!
Freddipat  27.03.2015
I would like to use this font for a commercial use what do i need to do? message me!
km3tshirtsh689  20.05.2015
love this font if at all possible can i use this for small business? please let me know kM3TSHIRTSUCH@GMAIL.COM
icupkn87  14.12.2015
This font is great. Would like some info for using it for a small business please contact me
MartiM  02.03.2017
Amazing work! I would like to use this for a small biz. Please contact me to let me know what to do!
Marti M.

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