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chiaroscurist  04.04.2009
Awesome... Love 'em... Looking forward to the next generation...

cullenism  01.05.2009
carlyautomatic  18.03.2010
Do you sell these fonts?
heduma  27.05.2010
Dear Mr. Tension, a very fine font you made here. But you forgot the dots on the "ü" in the 3Dumb.
mtension  Autor von 3Dumb & 2Dumb   15.06.2010
cullenism: thanks, much appreciated.
carlyautomatic: (great handle, love it!) All my fonts here at dafont are free, donations are accepted, but not mandatory.
heduma: this was my first font design. It was all about learning and unfortunately not designed that well. Maybe I will update it one day, but I really doubt it. Sorry.
mtension  Autor von 3Dumb & 2Dumb   24.06.2011
I added the missing ü Heduma. Should be available soon. Cheers.
EugeniaCatroppa  12.02.2012
hello, is this free for commercial use?
mtension  Autor von 3Dumb & 2Dumb   18.03.2012
EugeniaCatroppa: Yes all of my Tension Type Free Fonts are free to use ina nay and all of you commercial jobs. If you like you can make a donation but it is not mandatory. Thanks.
marieh9  08.04.2014
Great font! For some reason I cannot download the following:
2Dumb: å
3Dumb: æøÆØÅ
Can anyone help? Thank you very much.

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