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avicii logo font


26/02/2011 alle 10:40

i need this font.

avicii logo font

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26/02/2011 alle 16:43

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hand drawn?

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28/10/2011 alle 13:33


I got this font.
Do you want it ?

31/10/2011 alle 01:31

Yes I would like that font can you please send it to me? My email is

31/10/2011 alle 19:49

hey i would love this font too. if you could could you send it to me at


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31/10/2011 alle 19:52

Font sent !

31/10/2011 alle 19:54

We aren't sure if we likes this font or not, but you could share this font here:

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31/10/2011 alle 19:57

As I said in the emails this font is not very good designed...

The author base dhis works on the letters A,I, C, V so the others arent very ...beautiful.

Here is the font DL link:

Sorry for my english.
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31/10/2011 alle 19:59

Perfect, even if by chance is an illegal font and must be deleted...

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02/11/2011 alle 19:20

what fount is this of avicii???

08/04/2012 alle 02:20

hi! could you please send me the font to this mail it's really important!!

thank you very much!

08/04/2012 alle 17:20

Hii.Please send me font mail : . Please

08/04/2012 alle 20:24

hi again I'm so sorry I've wrote wrong my mail the correct one is I'm sorry and thank you very much!

23/04/2012 alle 17:31

can you send me this font too? thanks!

23/04/2012 alle 23:49

estoy seguro de que es esta..
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24/04/2012 alle 00:31

04/05/2012 alle 01:24

please sent the font to me alsooo

06/05/2012 alle 00:25

hey i would love this font. if you could could you send it to me at


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06/05/2012 alle 00:31

STOP sending me emails or PM or typing your email here I will NOT answer to you.
The only reason is that the download link is the 8th message of the topic!

I delete my account.

04/08/2012 alle 22:42

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