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22/01/2013 à 18:33  [réponse]  Identify me

Does anybody know this?

21/01/2013 à 08:04  [post initial]  Identify me

What are the font styles for both names?

I assumed the top one is times new roman and the bottom one which I'm not sure


12/10/2012 à 04:16  [post initial]  looking for a font for my business name..

Hey guys

I'm looking for an unique font for my business. It a high end dessert shop or patisserie selling cakes, tarts, cookies and a few other things. My business name is "Forbidden Desserts", which I thought of the name from adam and eve with the forbidden fruit and also I like the word "forbidden" which make people want to come

I'm a guy and obviously my shop is not going to be a cutesy looking place. It going to have white wall, dark flooring and red and black accent stuffs around the place. I do not want some cutesy looking fonts, I'm looking for something unique looking that most businesses don't use. I was thinking of doing "Forbidden" with the unique font and "Desserts" to be smaller and use a common font style. like this logo from

So it can separate themselves so I can use "Forbidden" on other things like merchandises like aprons or shirts because I'm sure most people don't want "Desserts" on their clothing. As well as for packaging for my products, I can replace "Desserts" with "Tarts" for tarts specific box.

Do you think you guys can help me out?


10/10/2012 à 06:44  [post initial]  who am I?

what is this font?

30/09/2012 à 03:37  [post initial]  font?

what is the font style for the yellow coloured name "Yann"?

29/09/2012 à 03:22  [post initial]  id me...

what is the font style for "elm hill"


26/09/2012 à 21:19  [post initial]  who am I?

what is the font style for "Vanille"?


07/08/2012 à 04:24  [post initial]  who am I

Hey guys

What is the font style of this name in the picture ... it from the show called Suits


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