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Wood-Cut Caps

05/12/2012 a las 09:07

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FONT??? I used it for the titles of book I free-published and now when I want to use it for volume 2 it has disappeared from my hard drive! It's a cut font similar to Carver, probably free but if commercial it'd be donation-ware. I really like the slight irregularity in size and 'shattered' outline.

Thanks in advance

Kirok of L'Stok

Wood-Cut Caps

Fuente identificada

Franken Toho  Sugerido por koeiekat 

05/12/2012 a las 09:32

Fuente identificada: Franken Toho

05/12/2012 a las 09:42

Dude! That was insane! Less than half-an-hour! Thanks immensely for that! I honestly don't remember that name, though, I'll have to check out the license


05/12/2012 a las 10:17

As far as I can remember it was shareware. But Brain Eaters doesn't list it anymore and neither does FontBros.

05/12/2012 a las 11:05

Hmmm... Curiouser and curiouser... wandering through the various font sites to try to find more info on it I found a comment on UrbanFonts <>; that said, "Your copying a font named Darling." Fair enough, when I checked my installed fonts, there it was - AR DARLING.

It's still on the Brain Eaters website <>; as one of the fonts you can order for $10 though

05/12/2012 a las 11:35

Using the wonders of Google I came full circle and found a post from *you* on this forum saying, "AR Darling is just an enStep copy of the original, FrankenTOHO.
AR Darling, 2005, Arphic Technology Co., Ltd.Copyright \(c\) 1997 enStep Incorporated.
FrankenTOHO, 1996 B.O.Nelson‐Brain Eaters Font Co.". Evidently it comes free with Windows 7 Home Premium though. Hmmm... moral dilemma!

05/12/2012 a las 11:49

Trad & Ayla of the webcomic "Duality" <>;, label the fonts MV Boli, AR Darling/FrankenTOHO as "© Thomas Rickner & Kamal Mansour (for The Monotype Corporation), B. O. Nelson (published by Arphic Technology Co., Ltd.)"

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