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29/07/2020 às 22:34  [post inicial]  Name of "MONALIZA" font

Hey! Was wandering about the name of this font in particular. Does anyone know it? Thanks!

16/07/2020 às 16:55  [resposta]  Help identifying "MONALIZA" font


15/07/2020 às 23:46  [post inicial]  Help identifying "MONALIZA" font

Hi! Sup?
Does anyone recognizes the "Monaliza" font from this logo?
I'd also like to know the name of the "Clothes" font, but that's completely secondary.


29/08/2019 às 21:50  [resposta]  Vans Travel Font

Heron2001 disse  

Thank you!

29/08/2019 às 21:25  [post inicial]  Vans Travel Font

Hi! Can someone identify the "Vans Travel" font? Thank you very much!

09/08/2019 às 16:36  [post inicial]  Font for "TALLER MANERO SRL"

Hi! Does someone know what font is used on "TALLER MANERO SRL"
Thank you very much!

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23/10/2018 às 17:19  [resposta]  Can't place the font

Twentyoneg disse  

Thank you very much!

23/10/2018 às 16:57  [post inicial]  Can't place the font

Hi! Does anyone know the name of the "Mec" font? Thanks!

24/07/2016 às 05:02  [post inicial]  Help with logo font

Hi! Any idea which is the name of this font? Thanks a lot people!

16/05/2016 às 22:44  [post inicial]  Logo Font

Can't find it under Pixel/Bitmap, but it must be something of the sort.

31/03/2016 às 20:34  [post inicial]  Help with fonts

Hi! Any idea which is the name of these fonts? I almost have it, but I can't pin down the name and is driving me insane. Thx!

21/10/2015 às 20:15  [post inicial]  Logo font. Help plz!

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