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Try sundance neue

Fonte sugerida: Sundance Neue

06/07/2014 às 01:35  [resposta]  Super weird font problem


28/06/2014 às 22:19  [post inicial]  Super weird font problem

So, I submitted a retro font I called Barbershop, and I received the same old email... Your font (barbershop.ttf.) has been added on dafont. Thank you!
Strangely, the font isn't on the site. I've searched it, logged out and tried to find it, see if the font type wasn't valid, googled it, but it's not online.
Has this happened to any of you guys before?

28/06/2014 às 04:47  [post inicial]  Help needed for logo

I am trying to type "BELLISSIMA" With a line going through the entire word, lining up with the B, E, S, and A. I have looked through a lot of fonts and none seem to line up like this, perfectly in the middle. "CODE" was close, though.
Thanks fellow font friends

28/06/2014 às 04:39  [post inicial]  Help me please

16/06/2014 às 23:22  [resposta]  font?

I do not know my friend

Try Cartoon adventures

Fonte sugerida: Cartoon Adventures

My submissions can range from overnight to a couple of weeks.

21/05/2014 às 02:08  [resposta]  Help please

Fonte sugerida: Started by a Mouse

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14/05/2014 às 04:16  [resposta]  Walley World FONT please!

A customized cooper black

Fonte sugerida: Cooper Black

Send a message to the author or just look at the font itself!

13/05/2014 às 01:35  [post inicial]  Free font creation software

This new font making service looks pretty amazing!

09/04/2014 às 03:45  [resposta]  Making fonts


17/02/2014 às 02:24  [post inicial]  Flappy Bird

What font is this? The one that says Flappy Bird

07/02/2014 às 02:18  [resposta]  Font identification please

Very close to a font called questions

Fonte sugerida: Questions

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