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24/10/2014 às 03:56  [resposta]  Similar font to Peaches & Cream

08/10/2014 às 00:28  [resposta]  "Kill the Moon" font?

This is pretty close but not exact.

Fonte sugerida: Copper Four

29/09/2014 às 06:57  [resposta]  24

Fonte sugerida: Digital 7

29/09/2014 às 06:56  [resposta]  What's this font please?

This is it

Fonte identificada: ChunkFive Ex

24/09/2014 às 02:39  [resposta]  Decent design software


21/09/2014 às 00:34  [post inicial]  Decent design software

So I'm wanting to make some good font illustrations for a font of mine to submit. Can you suggest some good programs or websites to do this?

Fonte sugerida: Bastille

14/09/2014 às 04:29  [post inicial]  Font rip-offs

So I was looking through dafont and found two fonts identical to each other. Is this a problem? And does the moderator have the power to take down the copy?

Here's the link.

19/08/2014 às 01:21  [resposta]  HP

Fonte sugerida: The Distance

19/08/2014 às 01:18  [resposta]  ?

Where did you find this?

12/08/2014 às 20:26  [resposta]  Worst font ever?

Thanks, koeiekat.

12/08/2014 às 19:14  [resposta]  Worst font ever?

12/08/2014 às 10:22  [resposta]  Worst font ever?

I think that my work is decent for being a 13 year old boy.

12/08/2014 às 05:26  [resposta]  Worst font ever?

When I meant bad fonts, I meant stuff like comic Sans and curlz.

12/08/2014 às 05:07  [resposta]  Worst font ever?

Guys, I'm only 13 years old. I am far from pro. I charge money to save up for college.
Thanks a lot.

Here you go.

Fonte sugerida: Guardians

11/08/2014 às 22:48  [resposta]  Worst font ever?

How about these?

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11/08/2014 às 00:38  [resposta]  Worst font ever?

Thank you so much

10/08/2014 às 21:30  [post inicial]  Worst font ever?

Hello fellow font snobs and addicts, what do you think is the worst collection of fonts ever?

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29/07/2014 às 06:10  [post inicial]  Need this don't

I've seen this everywhere, what is it?

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