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11/01/2011 às 13:02  [resposta]  Need 4 fonts off this..

Romance is NOT a font, both M are different.

Same for the base line, POP IS...
different glyphs.

Feast of Flesh


Fonte sugerida: Feast of Flseh

11/01/2011 às 12:47  [resposta]  What is the font??

Wallow Hmk (Hallmark fonts)
Dennes Pen

Fonte sugerida: WallowHmK Bold

11/01/2011 às 11:36  [resposta]  need both fontz

4060 Leonding is

Fonte identificada: Franklin Gothic Heavy

11/01/2011 às 11:29  [resposta]  need both fontz

Derntl and DER...
is Mona Lisa,

Derntl shadow was customized

Fonte identificada: Mona Lisa

Editado em 11/01/2011 às 11:30 por tophy52

11/01/2011 às 11:24  [resposta]  Typo Plume magazine

Une Slogan très étroitisée

Fonte identificada: Slogan

11/01/2011 às 10:51  [resposta]  Anyone know what font is Pearl ?

or Jaunty

Fonte sugerida: Jaunty

11/01/2011 às 10:50  [resposta]  Anyone know what font is Pearl ?

Close to Forelle

Fonte sugerida: Forelle

10/01/2011 às 22:33  [resposta]  funny page

Exhibition... to

Fat version of

Fonte sugerida: Girls are Weird

10/01/2011 às 22:27  [resposta]  funny page

For the top title ONE FINE SUNDAY
i think i saw something close somewhere,

but this exemple is NOT a font, there is no identical glyph,
such as A, E, S, N...

10/01/2011 às 22:17  [resposta]  funny page

Use Komika Title for the main text

Fonte sugerida: Komika Title

10/01/2011 às 22:03  [resposta]  Need for tattoo

And after checking out, it is NOT Sara script.

10/01/2011 às 20:02  [resposta]  help?

Fonte identificada: Freehand 575

10/01/2011 às 19:48  [resposta]  recherche

10/01/2011 às 19:39  [resposta]  What's this font???

Now the only close one we use to find in Zip packs of WWE fonts is Bear-Paw

Fonte sugerida: Bear-Paw

10/01/2011 às 19:37  [resposta]  What's this font???

If it's not in this list
then it's a draw!

10/01/2011 às 18:45  [resposta]  Need for tattoo

i know !!

10/01/2011 às 18:44  [resposta]  Need this Font/Fonts

10/01/2011 às 17:08  [resposta]  Brescia Calcio Centenary kit

10/01/2011 às 16:56  [resposta]  Any Idea ?

OK, found it, on the creator's site,
but he says it will never be released.

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