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22/03/2012 às 10:58  [resposta]  EG font?

The large “E” was made using a capital “C” and adding the extra arm.

Fonte identificada: Mostra Nuova Alt D

21/03/2012 às 16:56  [resposta]  Police Laforêt

Fonte sugerida: Frutiger-Light  (Já sugerida aqui)

Top two lines.

Fonte identificada: Eagle Book

21/03/2012 às 12:43  [post inicial]  Anyone know the fonts on here?

I'll list the ones I know...

Top font
Middle Font

Editado em 21/03/2012 às 20:02 por Rodolphe

Blurred out the regular Kony font which has already been identified as here (

19/03/2012 às 10:29  [resposta]  Font?

Steelfish with a texture inside the type.

Fonte identificada: Steelfish Bold

14/03/2012 às 12:20  [post inicial]  Grundtvig Font

14/03/2012 às 11:58  [resposta]  What font?

Didot, just like the Joaquin Phoenix "I'm Still Here" film poster.

14/03/2012 às 11:57  [resposta]  STOP AT NOTHING

It's a thiner varient. Just noticed.

14/03/2012 às 10:04  [resposta]  STOP AT NOTHING

14/03/2012 às 10:04  [resposta]  STOP AT NOTHING

It isn't Bebas, it's been identified before as Knockout-HTF50. I have no idea why it's been down voted...

13/03/2012 às 12:23  [resposta]  STOP AT NOTHING

06/03/2012 às 15:52  [resposta]  Font ?

Does anyone know the font? I'm guessing that the block and stencil fonts are part of the same typeface. Any ideas?

05/03/2012 às 12:18  [resposta]  9GAG Font

cruelwarrior217 disse  
is there any site that i can also download that font?

05/03/2012 às 12:07  [resposta]  9GAG Font

Fonte sugerida: Noga-Bold

05/03/2012 às 12:02  [post inicial]  Foals - Total Life Forever Font

Does anyone know what the main Title text is?

23/11/2011 às 16:54  [resposta]  Pepsi


The "e" is designed to replicate the old logo.

23/11/2011 às 16:44  [resposta]  Movie Countdown

Fonte sugerida: Steelfish

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