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02/03/2011 às 17:18  [resposta]  Madagascar

I think that Impact comes quite close, except for the M, D and R

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02/03/2011 às 17:14  [resposta]  help

I think it has to be Tahoma, as I think the image looks low res. and because of that blurred etc.

Fonte sugerida: Tahoma Regular + Bold

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02/03/2011 às 16:08  [resposta]  What font is this?


Fonte sugerida: 20th Century Semi Bold

02/03/2011 às 15:47  [resposta]  MTV summer 2011

Tyler, I meant that in this state, this can't be a font.

02/03/2011 às 15:37  [resposta]  MTV summer 2011

gioximenes disse  
ok , thanks

I'm think before that this is a modify font...

Alright, I'll see what I can find...

02/03/2011 às 15:32  [resposta]  MTV summer 2011

I suspect to use this, you need to cut the image out of the full image, as you can't make color differences like this in fonts...

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01/03/2011 às 22:32  [resposta]  Level 1

GabrielGervaisDesign disse  
ITellYa disse  
E's differ, probably just handwritten, so not a font...

I thought I had this option but not sure
thanks you ITellYa

Well, in OTF fonts there is the possibility, but most of the time that are quite large differences between the characters, like for instance a single- and double-storey A.
Not these minor differences in characters like a E.

01/03/2011 às 22:30  [resposta]  HELP!!!

Fonte identificada: Europa Gotesk Bold

01/03/2011 às 22:24  [resposta]  help!

Fonte identificada: Euphorigenic

01/03/2011 às 18:13  [resposta]  Level 1

E's differ, probably just handwritten, so not a font...

01/03/2011 às 18:04  [resposta]  new wsop logo?

Fonte identificada: ATEuropa-Bold

Fonte sugerida: Copperplate Condensed

01/03/2011 às 17:09  [resposta]  What is this font called?

Fonte sugerida: Sanzettica Thin + Heavy

01/03/2011 às 08:35  [resposta]  Rock Band Font

28/02/2011 às 18:53  [resposta]  What the 2 font ?

I, L, Y, and R look like Avant Garde.

M looks like Avant Garde Alternate:

Not sure about the E, C, U, S and F

28/02/2011 às 17:13  [resposta]  Font help please?

Fonte sugerida: Didi

28/02/2011 às 08:35  [resposta]  BAPTIST CHURCH

Fonte sugerida: Sense Light Italic

27/02/2011 às 14:34  [resposta]  What's the font

Fonte identificada: Broadway

27/02/2011 às 13:45  [resposta]  93 'til font PLEASE!

Modified i? The rest matches.

Fonte sugerida: Swiss 721 Heavy

26/02/2011 às 19:06  [resposta]  HELP!

Fonte identificada: Impact Condensed

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