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27/03/2011 às 10:58  [resposta]  How do I create a font?

You'll need some software...

27/03/2011 às 10:11  [resposta]  Gwen Stefani font

I expect it to be a modified version of Cleancut, as the 'W', 'N', 'S', 'F', and 'I' match, and the gap of the 'E' is the same.

What they probably did:
- extended bar of the 'E', rotated it, and cut off a bit of it's tail.
- filled the gap of the 'G'
- filled the gap of the 'A'
- cut of the tail of the 'T'

Fonte sugerida: Cleancut

27/03/2011 às 10:00  [resposta]  need to know the font of this flyer

Read here.

Last comment there:
Custom typo? - Yep!

26/03/2011 às 21:08  [resposta]  anybody can help me with this one

I say custom illustrated, as too many pairs of letters are different...

I'm not sure when the update comes, I think somewhere at the end of march or the start of april...

I created a chalk one today, he will be on dafont with the next update...

But watch out with using custom fonts in Powerpoint. If you open the presentation on another computer, which hasn't got that font installed, you will not be able to see the font there!
If you only use it on your own pc, there is no problem

26/03/2011 às 15:56  [resposta]  Another Font ID, please

Looks slightly different, but I think that is because of the low-resulotion image...

Fonte identificada: Caxton SH Bold

26/03/2011 às 13:02  [resposta]  font

Fonte identificada: Avant Garde Medium Bold

26/03/2011 às 11:50  [resposta]  Come Home...

Fonte identificada: Phi Thin Extended

26/03/2011 às 11:41  [resposta]  movie

Fonte identificada: Felina Gothic

25/03/2011 às 21:02  [resposta]  Font ID

This is the closest I can get, but the D differs.

(They squeezed probably by hand.)

Fonte sugerida: Totally Gothic

24/03/2011 às 17:28  [resposta]  what's this font please

lili06 disse  
merci mais je veu pas juste la typo en noir mais le tout

c'est un effet probablement été ajouté à la main

(traduit avec Google)

24/03/2011 às 17:20  [resposta]  what's this font please

Fonte identificada: Century Gothic

23/03/2011 às 22:35  [resposta]  Font from Safari Books (O'Reilly)

Fonte identificada: FF DIN Pro Bold

23/03/2011 às 22:19  [resposta]  Orange Amps

I've edited rocamaco's post and added the link to a RapidShare file, which contains Orange for free

23/03/2011 às 19:09  [resposta]  Font indetification

vendola disse  
Im sorry for my bad english!

No problem, not everyone here on the forums is English or French I'm also not English or French...

23/03/2011 às 19:00  [resposta]  Font indetification

Fonte identificada: Danube

23/03/2011 às 18:36  [resposta]  INTEL APPUP

Here it is:

Fonte identificada: Neo Sans Intel

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