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13/04/2011 às 14:41


Fonte identificada

Bebas  Sugerida por ITellYa 

Fonte sugerida

Wearetrippin Display  Sugerida por SashiX 

13/04/2011 às 15:40

Fonte sugerida: Wearetrippin Display

13/04/2011 às 16:10

Fonte identificada: Bebas

13/04/2011 às 17:59

Almost the same font I think, but it only has uppercase letters. (only see veeery small difference in "S", but "W" and "H" are identical. Excellent free alternative)

UPDATE: nope, "W" differs also (really a very small difference), but I repeat, a very nice alternative.

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13/04/2011 às 18:03

The complete set of characters used in this case is here...

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13/04/2011 às 18:17

Nice find, roca
Well, Bebas "N" is more accurate than Wearetrippin Display "N"

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