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impossible to install

10/04/2013 às 19:34

Hi everyone,

I can't install any app or software on school computer. Is there a way to use a font without installing it.
A few years ago, I just had to apen the .ttf and it was working but not right now...


10/04/2013 às 19:57

Can you access the Main Hard Drive?
If so, it’s may be possible to simply drop the files at the right place. I remember being in school and i wasn’t actually able to install a font, but there was a weird bug, so i could copy paste the file into the folder. hope that helps. If not, create a new account (google for: lost my password) and give yourself administration rights. =) illegal but possible.

10/04/2013 às 20:24

See your post in the French forum.

11/04/2013 às 16:22

I tried to drop the file in the Main Hard Drive, but it doesn't work...
I think it's impossible to create a new account on the school connection because we log in with our student number...

11/04/2013 às 21:28

What is the operating system of that school computer?

11/04/2013 às 21:36

Windows 7

11/04/2013 às 22:19

Best to talk with the school IT admin and explain the what and the why I think.

11/04/2013 às 22:21

Ok thanks, I'll try!

12/04/2013 às 10:52

12/04/2013 às 16:10

Thanks! It's working!

12/04/2013 às 17:02

I know, tried it before posting in the other tread. Enjoy it and spread the news how to beat/cheat Microsoft

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