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This might sound really stupid!

30/08/2010 às 20:30

...i'm new to this, i know the fonts say 'free' but how do i know which ones i can use for commercial use???

30/08/2010 às 20:51

Only the "Free" and "Public domain" ones are free for commercial use, all the rest are not.

You have some checkboxes at the top ("Only as" section) if you want to filter them, like that[]=10&l[]=1

31/08/2010 às 13:43

Brilliant thanks!!

01/09/2010 às 03:30

K Wilson disse  
...i'm new to this, i know the fonts say 'free' but how do i know which ones i can use for commercial use???

K Wilson, you can use ALL of the fonts on dafont commercially, IF you purchase a license for the ones that are identified as "free for personal use" or "shareware".

In the download .zip for the fonts that are "free for personal use" or shareware, the terms of use should be set out in a text document of some sort, (ie: .txt, .doc, or .pdf file type, depending on the designer's preference). In a small number of cases, the terms of use may be listed in a graphic, or possibly in the font header, (the information in between the name of the font and the character display, when you open the font in preview).

Usually the terms of use are in a document titled "read me", "license" or "lisez-moi", (if the designer is French). These documents or graphics are almost always included with the font(s) in the .zip file. Note that, just because a font contains a "read me" document, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to purchase a license to use the font commercially. It depends on what information the designer was chosen to include in the "read me". Sometimes it just says 'thanks for downloading my font', and the e-mail address or home page of the designer may be included. Many of the licenses for the 'shareware' or 'free for personal use' fonts are quite inexpensive, when compared to professional/commercial fonts sold at sites like myfonts.


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