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Sunset Boulevard Font

31/01/2013 às 11:18

Hi! I Need so much of this font because i'll make a big poster and i can't know what is this font.
Help please.
Thanks a lot.

Sunset Boulevard Font

Fonte identificada

Niagara Solid  Sugerida por rocamaco 

31/01/2013 às 13:49

Fonte identificada: Niagara Solid

31/01/2013 às 14:57

Not Corvinus?

LOL what a ripoff - so close... yet so S far away...

Editado em 31/01/2013 às 16:00 por Heron2001

01/02/2013 às 11:37

Thanks a lot Heron2001 and Rocamaco for the font identification.
Helped me so much.

01/02/2013 às 15:06

Thanks for the acknowledgement but Rocamaco solved it for you... me, I was in bed looking at my iPhone swearing it was Corvinus... when I finally went to the computer to check it out - I was laughing out loud - spilled my coffee even.

Good luck with your project.

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