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NFL Font

16/01/2013 às 18:40

Looking for the font that spells out American in the BG. Thanks for the help.

NFL Font

Fontes sugeridas

Endzone Tech  Sugerida por SexyElvis7 
Orbit  Sugerida por fmontpetit 

16/01/2013 às 18:41

If this is to blurry I can upload a smaller pic. Wasn't sure what Dafont thought.

16/01/2013 às 18:51

I believe this font is not available anymore... maybe you could go with Magistral?
Fonte sugerida: Orbit

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16/01/2013 às 19:07

They have also developed a custom font NFL Endzone Tech, based on Orbit, which has the same uppercase letters with proper lowercase letters

Fonte sugerida: Endzone Tech

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16/01/2013 às 19:09

See here for the other NFL House Style Typefaces if interested

16/01/2013 às 19:15

16/01/2013 às 21:56

WOW! Crazy Awesome!!! Thanks!!!!

25/08/2013 às 05:15

Here you go! Are you ready for some football??
[Edit: link removed, not sure that's very legal...]

Fonte sugerida: Endzone Tech
  (Já sugerida aqui)

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