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Please help me identify this font

12/07/2012 às 17:58

Please help me identify this font

Fonte identificada

Bradley Hand  Sugerida por Dowster 

Fonte sugerida

Baskerville  Sugerida por malvolio 

12/07/2012 às 18:01

"Replay" is a font that comes on most PC's, but I forgot the name. I'll put it here the moment I remember it.

The serif font is Baskerville.

The sans serif font is probably Verdana, but I could be wrong.
Fonte sugerida: Baskerville

12/07/2012 às 18:14

Hi thank you, it's just the Re>Play font that I need... many thanks

12/07/2012 às 18:15

not sure it comes on most PCs, i guess it's a font from FontFont, but don't remember its name

12/07/2012 às 18:19

Thanks. Its Bradley Hand
Fonte identificada: Bradley Hand

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12/07/2012 às 18:21


12/07/2012 às 18:32

YES! That was it!!!!! Sorry I was of no assistance...I like that font a lot.

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