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Winifred Sanderson

01/11/2020 às 13:39

Hello everyone! I'm looking for these two fonts in the pic, I asked the person/owner whom made the edit series on tumblr ^^ (it's Laura from, in case you guys want to check it out! ^^), but she said that lost everything when her pc crashed, so I have no idea which fonts are those. If anyone here figure it out, please I'd glad for the help ^^! Thank you so much for your time guys! Thank you in advance, so much! ^^ Have a nice day!

Winifred Sanderson

Fontes identificadas

The Heart of Everything  Sugerida por jerseygirl 
Bebas Neue  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

01/11/2020 às 22:44

Fonte identificada: The Heart of Everything

01/11/2020 às 22:46

Fonte identificada: Bebas Neue

01/11/2020 às 22:49

jerseygirl disse  
The Heart of Everything

Oh thank you so much!for your help ^^

01/11/2020 às 22:50

jerseygirl disse  
Bebas Neue

Thank you so much! For your help ^^

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