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Team logo font from Battle for B.F.D.I.

11/07/2020 às 20:55

This is one of the team logos shown in the YouTube series BFB. It seems to be a modification of an already-existing font. Any idea which it is?

Team logo font from Battle for B.F.D.I.

Fonte identificada

Day Poster Black  Sugerida por octadic 

Fonte sugerida

Phatt Phreddy  Sugerida por Mr. Dude 

12/07/2020 às 02:35

Fonte sugerida: Phatt Phreddy

19/07/2020 às 04:25

Bump; would like to see if there's a more identical font rather than somewhat similar. Most notable is the square "holes" in letters like the R, O's, and D.

12/02/2021 às 01:30

It's been a while! After taking another look, I seem to have found a near, if not completely, identical match. I believe this to be the font.
Fonte identificada: Day Poster Black

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