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Want to know this Slimey/Dripping font?

18/05/2020 às 22:01

Obviously some type of layer style used, but I just want to know the font. it looks cool and I want to use it for my youtube, any suggestions would be very helpful! And if any one knows how to get the glossy effect like that please let me know also! Thank you! ( And if you know the font usedd for the social media, let me know as well please)

Want to know this Slimey/Dripping font?

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Fonte identificada

Cemetery Picnic  Sugerida por Twentyoneg 

18/05/2020 às 22:30

Fonte identificada: Cemetery Picnic

19/05/2020 às 04:03

Twentyoneg disse  
Cemetery Picnic

your a lifesaver bro!! thanks so much

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