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Kesha Font , Please

23/12/2010 às 16:36

I want this font
Please i Need Ittt

Kesha Font , Please

Fonte identificada

Ke$hanimal  Sugerida por Rodolphe 

23/12/2010 às 17:07

Please , where is the font ?

23/12/2010 às 17:15

kazalol disse  
Please , where is the font ?

It's not A Font. this case has been gone over Plenty of Times, it's Not a font but actually Hand Drawn. Just because it Looks Like a font doesn't mean it actually is.

24/12/2010 às 02:32

TylersOH is right; this is not a font.

24/12/2010 às 12:50

It's her signature, not a font...

26/12/2010 às 05:25

But you can make it into a font.

28/02/2011 às 13:21

Somedy made it
Fonte identificada: Ke$hanimal

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