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Santa Cruz Roller Palladium

12/02/2019 às 01:36

Hello! I'm trying to find the fonts in the attached logo. This is for a local roller rink, and they don't really have much in the way of saved graphics so I am trying to help them out. Identifying these fonts would go a long way toward that. Unfortunately this image is the best I could do. Hopefully it's enough for you font pros to identify. Thank you in advance for those who can help!

Santa Cruz Roller Palladium

Fontes identificadas

Oregano  Sugerida por fonatica 
Open Sans  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

12/02/2019 às 02:10

Fonte identificada: Oregano

12/02/2019 às 02:26

That looks awesome. Thank you.

Thoughts on the "Roller Palladium" portion?

12/02/2019 às 02:32

Fonte identificada: Open Sans

12/02/2019 às 02:37

Nice! Yes! Thank you for that.

12/02/2019 às 02:39

nice one guys (& girls)

12/02/2019 às 02:42

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