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help... "first car wash" txt font?

09/02/2018 às 17:03

does anyone know what font this is... or a font thats looks like this? I have seen quite a few like this.... any help?

help... "first car wash" txt font?

Fonte identificada

Avant Garde Gothic Book  Sugerida por myname5749 

09/02/2018 às 17:06

Modified "A"
Fonte identificada: Avant Garde Gothic Book

Editado em 09/02/2018 às 17:07 por myname5749

10/02/2018 às 15:02


10/02/2018 às 15:23

Mleinen - it is ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book - they inverted the "V" to make an "A" - follow the link above.

10/02/2018 às 18:19

No Im specifically looking for the "A" to not be crossed....I have seen the font as is...

10/02/2018 às 23:56

There is a font called Alien League which was popular for a long time with that kind of A. But your sample above is Avant Garde.

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