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Exo The War Repackage Teaser Fonts

03/09/2017 às 11:58

Could you please tell me which fonts are these?
(The font of "THE WAR" in blue)
(And the font of and "THE POWER OF MUSIC" right under the "THE WAR" )
Thank youuu!

Exo The War Repackage Teaser Fonts

Fontes identificadas

Airstrike  Sugerida por Twentyoneg 
Compacta  Sugerida por Twentyoneg 

03/09/2017 às 17:14

Fonte identificada: Airstrike

03/09/2017 às 17:15

Fonte identificada: Compacta

03/09/2017 às 22:38

Twentyoneg disse  

Thank you so much!!!

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