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Storror Blog Font?

27/03/2017 às 20:02

I hate being picky, but I've looked and looked and it's bugging me I can't find the EXACT font... Someone help me, please?

Storror Blog Font?

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Fonte identificada

College  Sugerida por ZacRichardss 

23/11/2017 às 22:44

Hey! I was searching for this font as well, and I was wondering if you have found it yet? If not I believe I found something very similar if not the exact.
Fonte identificada: College

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22/05/2018 às 21:33

If you put the letters in lower case, you'll realise that's it! They must just make it thicker and play with the spacing etc, etc. Could take some photoshop work to get it looking precise but you found it, thanks.

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