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What's this font

09/08/2016 às 08:17

What's this font

Fonte identificada

Anodyne  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

Fonte sugerida

Profumo  Sugerida por donshottype 

25/08/2016 às 09:49

Fonte identificada: Anodyne

25/08/2016 às 10:10

I should have refreshed the page before posting this. Jerseygirl had already found the font.
Don't have a distressed or rubber stamp version of these gothic or grotesque letters, but for a substitute rubber stamp gothic -- NOT THE FONT -- you could use Profumo, which has a similar ampersand.
A similar clean version of the ampersand is found in Railroad Gothic and Gothic RR Bold Condensed
Fonte sugerida: Profumo

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