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I'm looking for a couple

29/07/2016 às 18:56

Hello Forum,

I'm looking a couple of fonts..... What type of font is the number? 15?

Also the rest if any one knows...... October.. ect


I'm looking for a couple

Fonte sugerida

HWT Roman Extended  Sugerida por Nala1 

29/07/2016 às 19:10

FOR NUMBER 15 IS THIS FONT HWT Roman Extended (Regular)
Fonte sugerida: HWT Roman Extended

Editado em 31/07/2016 às 21:21 por Lemmiwinks

29/07/2016 às 21:40

Good call.
But there are differences between HWT Roman Extended Fatface and _15_
Perhaps this poster or flyer is the product of letterpress type.
Compare the digital shown at

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