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What Font is it? Scarface Dolar

06/09/2015 às 12:07

Hello Guys,
im looking for the Font of the Headline "I trust me", the "scarface" at the bottom and also for the green serial numbers in the middle of the picture..
Would be great if you can name them or even tell me the names of some close look a likes

Thanks a lot!

What Font is it? Scarface Dolar

Fonte identificada

United States  Sugerida por donshottype 

Fonte sugerida

Letter Gothic  Sugerida por donshottype 

06/09/2015 às 12:55

Dont spend it all at once
Fonte identificada: United States

06/09/2015 às 13:44

Fonte sugerida: Letter Gothic

06/09/2015 às 16:38

Thanks a lot donshottype!!
united states is definitly the right one. I think I can handle the black shadows of the "scarface" word, but how do I get the Outlines of "I TRUST ME"?
I'm using CS6. Every hint would be awesome!

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