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Fonts Identification

30/05/2015 às 03:07

Hello, fellows! I'm new here (and my english may be quite bad), and in fact, I came here just for this. Can you find out which fonts are being used on this logo? I need it for a college essay ASAP. Thanks in advance!

Fonts Identification

Fontes identificadas

Lemondrop  Sugerida por jerseygirl 
Dawning of a New Day  Sugerida por jerseygirl 

30/05/2015 às 03:15

Fonte identificada: Lemondrop

30/05/2015 às 03:17

Fonte identificada: Dawning of a New Day

30/05/2015 às 03:46

Thank you very much!

30/05/2015 às 03:54

you're welcome

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