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what this photo booth font?

02/04/2014 às 16:41

the text says Photobooth

what this photo booth font?

Fonte identificada

Feel Script  Sugerida por koeiekat 

02/04/2014 às 17:05

Fonte identificada: Feel Script

02/04/2014 às 17:35

thanks buts its not quite the same

02/04/2014 às 17:38

Where is the difference then?

02/04/2014 às 18:08

tomrob1nson disse  
thanks buts its not quite the same

mumble mumble mumble ... Feel Script contains 1165 glyphs ... mumble mumble mumble

This particular Ph glyph ($00FE) does not render as one glyph in the myfonts example but as the basic P and h. Had tomrob1nson taken the trouble to read the font's description it would have understood.

Editado em 02/04/2014 às 18:11 por koeiekat

02/04/2014 às 18:13

Feel Script is the correct font, click on "Glyphs", then scroll down to the "P" and notice the variations...

02/04/2014 às 18:20

Of course Koiekat and Scotrinaf. I was making the question to tomrob1nson

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