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What is this font??

09/09/2010 às 02:55

I really like this font.. And have seen it a lot on other websites. And I saw this:

Sorry about the black background... x3

I would love to know what it is called. If you know please tell.

What is this font??

Editado em 09/09/2010 às 09:42 por Rodolphe

Fonte identificada

Vtks Revolt  Sugerida por Rodolphe 

09/09/2010 às 04:01

This is what the above graphic looks like with the colours inverted:

It may be easier to identify that way.


09/09/2010 às 04:58

Thank you! That might be easier for people to see. I hope I find what the font it soon. I love it.

09/09/2010 às 09:44

Fonte identificada: Vtks Revolt

10/09/2010 às 00:13

Thank you soo much!! Your awesome!!

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