Yummah Strawberriez

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x--Aliceee  16/10/2008
Its Kinda Cool, I Like it, But i think if it was a tiny bit thicker it would compliment it more
smileyrox4lyf  02/11/2008
It's really pretty. I use it when I make cartoon pics such as IMVU etc. xD Keep up tha good werk!!!! xoxox
wizzah  autor de Yummah Strawberriez   08/11/2008
i know, i'm going to make a new font that is thicker, and nicer handwriting, since my handwriting seems to change a lot...DX...thanks for your nice comments...x]]

iPod  16/12/2008
Phrrreeeee! How cute.
iPod  13/01/2009
LOL. I use it for imvu as well. ROFL.
dotnova  16/01/2009
Really awesome font!
MчshaaMATE  01/02/2009
heeч theree,
i thought i let чou know that i love this font nd its like amazing, but the question i need to know is how did чouu make an amazing font like this MATE? please comment back soon, love mчshaa 'x
emmaroberts100  17/03/2009
This is a banging font
bree4eva  18/03/2009
I think this is the best font in the world!!! I tryed it and my name looks grrovy. Please write back soon I'd like to keep in touch!!=)
ily4ever  04/04/2009
One of the sweetest font ever!!! :]
I love it, it's awesome.
meghaaan  18/04/2009
ahh I love this font but i cant download it for my laptop :(
livygirl1414  26/04/2009
I love this font because it is good to make lyrics on youtube
Kimberley  17/05/2009
i love this font, the only trouble is that i dono how to get it, i have tried nearly everything i can and i just can't get it. could someone please explain to me how to get it.?
thaggmad  30/05/2009
yeah, i love this font, it's amazing..but how do you get it? i can't figure out how
bethx  16/06/2009
i apsolutely love this font n i honestly think it is the best one i have ever seen. ive tried to download it everywhere n tried everythin n it wont work? can you please help me on how to get it. thankyouu =D
iLovefonts♥  17/06/2009
I love this font,
i use it all the time!!
FontaFonta  17/06/2009
i love love love this font.
use it all the time, great work!!
lilmiz_maymay  30/06/2009
I LOVE this font soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How do u get it on ur commuter cuz i want it on word?
Sammi<3  02/07/2009
This font looks pretty close to my own hand writing!
Love it! I use it for about everything now- a- days.
katiezizzamia  02/08/2009
i loooooveeeeeeeeee it!
YoyoGirl87  04/08/2009
This font is the best i`ve seen yet!i don`t make any font myself,but i love downloading fonts and using them.keep doing font like this and youll be a pro in no time!!!
alena1996  04/08/2009
I Just Luv this font it looks so much like mi own!!
i rock  17/08/2009
i love this font
katiezizzamia  23/08/2009
how doo i make this font for when i type to people on aimm ? btw, I LOVE IT!
jummbaloo  08/09/2009
i have got to say this is a really freakin awesome font. i downloaded it but on my word processors font selection i dont see it?
xxJazziexx  23/09/2009
i have to say this but i LOVE the font but i really want to know how do i download it and use it for word please help me because it's well nice xx from xxJazziexx
Franklin Gorge  03/10/2009
So adorable and lovely. Nice title name but would do better with some more decorative ideas. Nice work overall!
Peace232445  24/10/2009
This is my favorite font!! It looks just like my handwriting!!
Please make mooooorrrreeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Peace out
aznroyalty19  07/01/2010
ATTENTION! for all of you who are having trouble downloading the font! i had the same problem but i found the SOLUTION! follow the instructions here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081030181447AAvpSvr&r=w&show_comments=true&pa=FZB6NWHjDG3N56z6v_2wWETyZs8WmO_fmH16s9kzcafz8saIZ4thGQ--&paid=add_comment#openions

*just trying to help.. it worked for me. if you can't see the link message me or something.
kpoohbear  10/01/2010
i love this font so much ! but when I use it on msn for like size 10 , its so blury and unclear ): when I have the size to like .. 48 its much clearer but I hate how big the font is . is there a way to make the same font but make the smaller fonts clearer? ): goodjob
OfficialMassieBlock  16/01/2010
ever since i saw this... this is my new handwriting =D
teehee13  30/04/2010
i <3 this font!!! i kinda write like that too!
Loveyourfont  22/06/2010
omg I love this font (: I write like that too ;P
Using it for everything now¬¬¬
RAWR.  08/07/2010
i love this font ;) thankчou for making itttttt. 'xo
LeenFroukh  29/07/2010
i rly like this font.. but i need help fromu guys, i downloaded it but i don't knw what to do next o i could use it..
so can anyone help? :) xx
dino1rawr  03/08/2010
I absoulutely LOVE this font!
And for people who don't know how to download it and all, you can just go on youtube and type in "how to download fonts from dafont.com" or something like that. That's how I learned.
Lalalollipop  05/08/2010
pls help wizzah, i downloaded the Yummah Strawberriez, but when I tried to type with it on Microsoft Word, and i couldn't find it. so, i typed it in the start box, and it was in a file, and i just can't seem to use it! plz help me! i do not know how or what to do!!!thnx, pls reply asap!
beckyquinn@cox.net  03/09/2010
Hi wizzah,
I love your font and would like to use it on a business card and flyer. I wanted to make sure that I would be fine using it for these purposes. Please let me know if I am permitted to do this! Thanks!
NeeewFonts_lol  05/10/2010
my absolute favorite.
LoveLikeWoe  23/10/2010
I LOVE THIS FONT! I used it for a lyric video on youtube.
taylorswiftfan1  18/12/2010
i love it :D
MarineEverGreen  18/02/2011
I LOVE this font! :DD I used it on a few videos from youtube.
iwubbfantage  21/02/2011
Awesome Font! I LOVE IT!!!! ansd i love strawberriez too xD
LOLer  22/02/2011
coooool i really like it i use it all the time. it looks like my friend's handwriting though.

p.s i looooove strawberriez yummmmmmmmyyy!
Ant 15  02/09/2011
This is just beautiful :D Love it.
xFireworks  02/09/2011
I love this font! It's so cute x]
sammiix22  18/11/2011
love this font but how do you make a font?
musicgirl  18/04/2012
I love this font! I am going to make a YouTube video with it, so will you come check it out?? I'll tell you what it is...my YouTube name is missrocknrolljazz so will you suggest a song you like I'll gladly try to do it!! Also, will you make more of these fonts? I love it! How do you make a font PLEASE tell me! -musicgirl
Friscokid  24/06/2012
I like this font alike everybody agrees that it looks like my handwriting! You did such a great job making it!!!!!
Friscokid  26/06/2012
OK, this is for the peeps that are having trouble if you have anti-virus you do download and a small bar will come up at the bottom of your screen!and then you get these buttons Open,Save,Cancel you want to click the small arrow on the save button the you click save and open, then it opens and says something like the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, at the top look for a button that says Install and click it, all of a sudden the button will turn a grayish color and you cannot click anymore so open up notepad or microsoft and go to fonts and Yummah Strawberriez
will have to be in there! If you still need help leave me a message or if I can't help go to Youtube and type in Yummah Strawberriez go to the first video with the notepad the creator of the video is- MidnightlsDark9505. Thanks for reading!!!
selseltaytayXX  16/01/2013
I use this font every time I do a lyric video, the first time I saw this I feel in love with it!!!
cimfam2002  24/05/2013
Uh, how to use it personallY?
fontrequester  29/12/2013
I love this font! IT'S AWESOME :3

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