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alexan  30/06/2011
Yep, that's zoink for sure

Shouldn't Dafont put a warn or something alike? People could start a project thinking that's stuff is free
H-mokkori  27/07/2011
Slightly different...meaning it's a copy of the font face but with MINOR space variations and something weird going on with the lower case "j". Hmmmm
graphicsbam  13/06/2017
When I go to export a PDF from InDesign it says this font it a demo. I am using a Windows machine. Any suggestions?
mikemakeitso  04/11/2018
Hi Rick. I like your font. Nice job!

Can you please let me know the cost for commercial use?

Please message me at mikemakeitso@gmail.com

Thanks again

josephf94  14/03/2019
can you please email me for costing to use this typeface for commercial/project use? josephf94@hotmail.com
kpossibles  08/07/2019
Copy of CC Zoinks! DO NOT USE FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PROJECTS https://www.comicbookfonts.com/Zoinks-p/fx103i.htm
Vita123  07/04/2021
Hello, i love this font. Can I use this font for my bookcover/commercial use? I will appreciate it if i can and you could email me on lalalalah2102@gmail.com to confirm your permission to use before I go ahead?
Thank you

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