Yellow Rabbit

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Workman78  12/06/2020
How do u get the thingees on the side?
Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha  autor de Yellow Rabbit   12/06/2020
Type ( or. )
Mrs ka Joseph  12/06/2020

I hope you are well.

I am looking for a font to use in my business and really like this, is this font for sale for commercial use?

If not do you offer the use one for a fee?

tacosdamelio  24/06/2020
Please tell me how to use it I downloaded it and it won’t let me do anythi else
Jotseno  24/06/2020
stillfont_studio  25/06/2020
What device are you using?

1. Open Font Book (should be in Launchpad) and press the + at the top left, go into downloads and press on the folder/text file and then it should work on Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.

1. locate the file, if it is a .zip file then right click it and press unzip, if any other type of file then skip to 2.
2. Right-click the file and press install, if you are not the administrator of the device then you must have them put a password in.

If any other device than just search it up on Google.

Your welcome.
stillfont_studio  25/06/2020
@Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful font! I love how you added the splashes instead of regular brackets as it suits your font amazing.
I have downloaded this, and use this in almost everything I do,
so once again thanks! ☺️☺️☺️
Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha  autor de Yellow Rabbit   25/06/2020
@stillfont_studio Thank you so much
maiten  04/07/2020
muy linda la fuente me ayuda mucho a hacer caratulas en mi compu

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