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danielpoeira  03/11/2009
Too bad the website doesn't show the ligatures in this font... they are gorgeous!!
aquapink  24/04/2019
Hi, I would like to use this font for a video clip, and I would like to know if there is any conditions or document to follow first. Can you please let me know through Thanks! BTW, love this font!
Ryoichi  autor de Woodstamp   26/04/2019
Free for commercial use.
buhuause  21/01/2020
Great font! Was going to use it but the 1 seems like a 7 in small size text and it's a deal breaker in my use case.
o1066142914  13/07/2020
Your font is so nice.
o1066142914  13/07/2020
That's exactly what I wanted.
o1066142914  13/07/2020
Thank you for letting me use it for free.
o1066142914  13/07/2020
I'll use it well. Thank you very much.

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