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Aramach  06/08/2019
Hi! How does one add the swirls like you have exhibited in the beginning and end of “Welcome”
Graphix Line Studio  autor de Welcome   06/08/2019
To access your alternate character, just select one letter (exp: w). After you select it will definitely appear in the alternate character. Or activate the opentype feature on the top toolbar (view-opentype).
Hi! I attempted your directions above to use the font, and was also unable to add the swirls like shown above. Can you please explain further?
Hljrmai4  08/08/2019
it's not working for me either:(
babykomodo  08/08/2019
I figured it out. If you're using Adobe Illustrator:
1) Select the letter
2) Window > Type > Glyphs
3) Show: Alternates for Current
daniellemarie2202  09/08/2019
did anyone get this to work??
DeannaS861  14/08/2019
anybody able to tell me how to get this to work on design space?
naratee.tia  15/08/2019
How to get this swirls at the beginning and end in the app phonto?
Everyone who can't figure out the swash needs to watch this video! This lady is a genius
Tekepuss  28/08/2019
Trash font
Tekepuss  28/08/2019
Ke1seyRae  01/09/2019
What about small business use?
mooskimu  14/09/2019
none of these really helped me since i'm using a mac. I was able to figure it out watching this video for a mac and how to use it in design space :) So easy, after going into font book and text edit it, it was just a copy/paste
yamile22  20/01/2020
Doesn't work for me either... moving on to another font thanks anyway.

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