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25 comentários  06/08/2015
Branded Quotes  autor de Surfing Capital   07/08/2015
heck.yes23  11/08/2015
I really like this font but I cant get it to open in Photoshop
Branded Quotes  autor de Surfing Capital   11/08/2015
what is your OS? It works on Photoshop with Windows system.
cosimmie  13/08/2015
Lovely font, but doesn't work in Photoshop... it lags the program terribly, then the layer with the font rasterizes itself and disappears. Shame, it was just the font I was looking for!
Branded Quotes  autor de Surfing Capital   14/08/2015
What is your OS? I even run the outdated Windows XP and I had no issues on this. You need to upgrade your PC.
fab59  19/08/2015
Cette typo ne fonctionne pas
beug dans livre des polices et dans Suitcase


Dommage tres belle police
Averyhurley  22/08/2015
Love this font! Using it in a videostar! So amazing!
Ossian  31/08/2015
Thanks for this nice font !...
Sorry for unlucky users who have problems with it but my OS is Windows 7 and it works perfectly with Photoshop CS6 ...
StereoType  01/09/2015
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant !
hammerhart  17/12/2015
I'm getting a validation error when I try to upload this font to font book. Anyone else having this issue?
Freakazozio  22/01/2016
I can't use it without having many lags on Premiere.
(Windows 10 64 bits)
cosmidelic  20/10/2016
I cant even install it on my font book in Mac OS :(
rjwiley  05/12/2016
This font is crazy intense. Somebody made a mistake thinking this was a good thing. You should try making a similar font with far less vertices per character. Sure it works just fine with GIMP, but that certainly is not my preferred editor. I still much prefer Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 7 and since Corel bought Jasc, they've done nothing but jack it up to where it's not even recognizable as a graphics design program anymore, so alas, I'm stuck with version 7 for most graphics needs and using PSD's to port between it and GIMP for the things it can't do. Like use this crazy intense font that I'm about to uninstall due to it being too intense to use. Here's a clue for you. If you can't double click it and have the font viewer display your font, it's probably not a good design. Looks pretty, but what have you sacrificed to get it?
unipaca  16/07/2017
I love this font but it keeps crashing on me whenever I try installing it. It sucks cuz I'm not even a window user. I have a macbook air and the version is 10.11.6. Any tips for troubleshooting?
AepplFx  26/07/2017
Same here: the font is unable to install since it takes too long. I've never had these issues with any other Truetype files.. Please fix, I really like this font :c (Windows 10 / 64 Bit)
Harml3sss  08/08/2017
When trying to install the font, my whole system freezes for 2 minutes, and then my explorer.exe crashes and restarts.
OS: Windows 10 64bit
High End cpu & gpu
BiebersPsycho_  25/08/2017
It seems that no matter what I use, it keeps crashing the font viewer. I have the latest version of windows.When it says "right click > install" I can't do that. I'd right click it and all it says is open, delete, copy, and everything else BUT install. When I open it and crashes
JordaannYoung  06/09/2017
Move the font out of the zip to desktop and right-click and go to install, should install without crashing.
themariomercier  09/01/2018
Sam Kolder really did choose the nicest font out there
Taikun  15/04/2018
Is it allowed to use this font for a monetized Youtube video?
dkoniec1  05/08/2018
why when I use this font in after effects and Premiere Pro on a windows 10 it shows all solid but in photoshop and on mac it is looks as it should.
naughtoje  16/07/2019
this is straight up the worst thing I've ever downloaded on my computer. I haven't even installed the font and I can no longer use windows explorer because every time it opens, it completely destroys my system. I'm using a brand new windows 64-bit computer, so my PC is not the issue. I can't even delete the file because windows freezes. if I get lucky enough to try and delete it it says it is unable to because it is open in the SYSTEM. I've tried unlocking the file, starting in safe mode, using ctrl+shift and CMD. nothing works. I need this file gone.
robauhp  25/07/2020
I've been wanting to download this for a while on my Mac but every time I do Font Book stops responding, what should I do?
Chloe5972  23/09/2022
Nice font

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