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tawnywolf  13/02/2010
MRfrukta  22/02/2010
Nice :)
masini  05/03/2010
It is very interesting. I hope it is good.
abo0012  09/03/2010
can you make the armenian font plz
Trik  10/03/2010
yulita_love  12/03/2010
billyargel  15/03/2010
very unique!
MizBrown  17/04/2010
Myy Favorite Ever :D
TeagaN  27/04/2010
im not usually one for graffiti font but this is cool :)
lronlordass  20/05/2010
How much do i donate to download this fonts in my computer
TheGinerz  05/06/2010
what program do u use?
naise25  09/07/2010
i love graffiti nice work
zoei1096  26/07/2010
dude this rocks!!! I LOVE it. I cannot figure out (considering the whole computer thing has me boggled) can I print the words out that are in this font?if so What program can I use to mess with size for me on how to get a word in this n several other fonts printed out for tattooing? thanks. zoei
my email is zoei76@yahoo and hell wtf text me 270-399-0619. that is id have to say the dumbest thing i have done in a long time.LOL!Thankfully moving will change it & i wont have the cell much longer. but HELP!!!!
louly6662000  29/07/2010
tellement loin bravo§
mimiluv  30/07/2010
love it! i have my husband n our 2 boys names tatted on my arms n back. went into brooklyn n just got my nickname 2day with this style on my wrist. had a few arrows added n it looks amazing! i love graf n tats! and lovin this style!
theralfalf  04/01/2011
!!! That's the first dont I REALLY REALLY like here thanks for this awsome creation! Keep going :D
Andrew2  autor de Sick Capital Vice   07/01/2011
Thanks for the good feedback everyone, Graffiti is not normally my thing but I am still going to try to have some more identical fonts released later.
Miaskky  14/02/2011
How much is it for purchase for commercial use?
Andrew2  autor de Sick Capital Vice   26/02/2011
You can purchase it here:

It's $15.00 for up to 6,000 sales!
vxemy  07/04/2011
what does "commercial use" include? like.....can you use it on a video???
sonoguerilla  18/08/2011
dairaz  17/04/2012
maz naa
TK421  25/03/2014
What an absolute brilliant design - love the attitude.
AlbertMourys  30/05/2014
if I buy the font I can make commercial use? I want to start a band, I use the font in the logo?

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