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Jeremiah Bienh  21/11/2016
It looks like a shopping cart.
rijubarman  22/11/2016
super awesome
rolandhuse  autor de Shopping Script   24/11/2016
Thank you!
LidiaS  11/03/2017
SI this free for commercial use? Thanks (
rolandhuse  autor de Shopping Script   18/03/2017
Hi Lidia, commercial use requires a license, please visit
Gemma Rose  14/04/2017
Hello, not too sure exactly what commercial use means, but can i use this font on my business card?
rolandhuse  autor de Shopping Script   17/04/2017
Hi Gemma,

Commercial use when a font being used for projects that is monetized. Stationary such as business cards are commercial use as it is for business.

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