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metaphasebrothel  19/01/2013
This is really excellent work, Tom. At first glance, I thought there should have been more consistency in the width of the outline, until I realized that this was intentional, to create a shadow effect. I wonder if it would be even better, if there was a little bit of space between the caps?
badtown  autor de Sheff   21/01/2013
Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot! That might look better actually, I'll keep that in mind for any future work. Thanks!
metaphasebrothel  21/01/2013
Tom, don't fall into the trap of judging the quality of your work by the number of downloads. It can be disenchanting when you spend a lot of time on a font to do it well, and the majority of people pass on the download, even if it's free. Meanwhile, a font that someone else churned out in 90 minutes has a thousand downloads a day.

Some of the most popular fonts are also of the highest quality, but that's not true, as often as it is. You've set the bar high with your first submission. Dare to do even better next time.

badtown  autor de Sheff   25/01/2013
Thank you bobistheowl, I cannot tell you how much that means to me. I cannot thank you enough.
I have a couple of ideas I'm working on right now, but nothing I'm that confident about yet. But I aim to have another up in a couple of months. I hope, whatever it may be, that you find it as good as this one.
Thanks again! - Tom.

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