Que FONTita!

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RAS-UTOPIA  20/11/2008
super creativa la font
-aNgel-  21/11/2008
hola oye puedes crearte esta font porfavor? la necesito para luegoe stampar una polera,revise toooodas las font y ningun signo de interrogacion(?) es igual al que necesito http://www.ironmaiden.cl/foro/index.php?showtopic=1164&st=0 metete y en el 3er posteo sale un tipo LLamso Steve Harris con una polera que dice: Iron What?.
Eso necesito.gracias aviasme aca angel_andjustice_sk8@hotmail.com
Numeric  30/11/2008
Looking forward to using this font!
Diddy  18/12/2008
Really cool font!
jEssIcA111  26/03/2009
I likeee It a lot!!!!!
mindsurfer  10/04/2009
Me cagué de la risa, te felicito, un pedazo de FONTITA!
lucianamorin  23/04/2009
Criativa! Great work
hannah_joy  09/06/2009

this font is so CooooL!!!

i'm looking forward to use this font!
mstanharris  06/08/2009
I have installed this font on my computer and it does not show up in Photoshop 7.0. I was told that .otf can not used in photoshop. Is there anyway i can get this font in .ttf file format?
millon503  autor de Que FONTita!   19/11/2009

Yes , i have it in truetype format.. but i recommend that you use the opentype so you can see the ligatures. Use a new version of Photoshop.
NicooLeE  08/08/2010
i like
iddaa  30/12/2010
like this
carolefr  09/12/2011
Hello millon503
I love very much your font, bravo !
but I have a problem to use it, it is not possible to export it in pdf format, with Scribus.
Maybe with the truetype format ??
yineden  06/01/2012
i have turkish versiyon :)
GOOD_WOLF  04/08/2012
leroynwdl  31/01/2013
great font, really creative
geeq  01/03/2013
is there a way i can buy this font
ninosnanatoni  06/03/2014
Just downloaded -- and donated -- but font does not appear as shown. I think I do need the truetype format. Saw the note from creator advising someone with a similar comment to use a more modern version of Photoshop, but that is out of my $ league. Thanks. I sure do hope this can be fixed -- was hoping to use this for bilingual nieta.

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