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spazz888  11/02/2009
I like it, love the 3-D!
kirksucks  autor de Pee Pants Script   12/02/2009
do you like it, or do you love it?

JK. thanks!
Someone  15/02/2009
Very nice font. Yeah the 3D effect is very creative, well done!

Only problem is that it reminds me of a certain yellow substance... :P
kirksucks  autor de Pee Pants Script   16/02/2009
thanks guys, i have one more 3D font in the queue.
LaurenRuth  16/02/2009
My bad yo. :P You know your fonts are petty swell too. I like your style, look forward to seeing your future creations.

LaurenRuth  21/02/2009
Wow, I'm suprised I did! I told you it was on like donkey kong JK. Pee Pants vs. CHickenhawk lol

I know about the update thing. I feel like I should re-submit my updates but I don't want to be annoying. Just have to be patient!
LaurenRuth  27/02/2009
its just me again. i was getting a little too comfortable at number one i see. dratz. i mean congratz. he he jk
saurkraut  01/03/2009
am i dumb?
i don't understand your instructions for getting rid of the ends.
when i type things there are random ends all over the place?
i've tried the apostrophe thing but it cuts off the parts i didn't want to cut off.
saurkraut  01/03/2009

haha sorry for my dumbness several seconds ago...
saurkraut  01/03/2009
Except I still don't understand how to get rid of the ends that are on the very end...
kirksucks  autor de Pee Pants Script   01/03/2009
the space bar has and end and a beginning.

use ` key for a space with no ends. use [ for just an end.

did you get the PDF file?
saurkraut  01/03/2009

I understand how to put the ends on the words but how do I get rid of the beginning of the next word?

Like in the picture above, the cursor has the end and the beginning of the next word on it and I want to type something without the beginning of the next word at the end.
saurkraut  01/03/2009
I guess you just have to switch it into a different font at the end so the cursor text isn't there?
kirksucks  autor de Pee Pants Script   01/03/2009
end your word with [ dont use the space bar.

Type this into the preview text thing:

My name is saurkraut[`The magnificent.
kirksucks  autor de Pee Pants Script   01/03/2009
or try to use < and > for the end caps.
and remember if you use [ < > dont use the space bar.

dont use space bar before numbers or Capital letters.
valentsine  04/03/2009
Beautiful font !!
i can't get enough; make some more haha :)
come see my blog, i have used it for a few things
xLIMEtree  26/03/2009
love it!
using the space itself for the beginning and end of each character was a great idea, much more user friendly -- i see people using mine wrong all the time :[

i like your ampersand in particular..
kirksucks  autor de Pee Pants Script   27/03/2009
thanks xLIMEtree! yea I have to explain it in detail. thanks for the inspiration!
cullenism  01/05/2009
awesome, love it.
schlooie  12/04/2010
Saw this on a store front sign in my home town.
kirksucks  autor de Pee Pants Script   12/04/2010
thanks for the heads up. I probably didnt even get contacted for that use.

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