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Battou  04/09/2016
Hi, I intend to use this font on the logo for my podcast/ website. this is a hobby thing for me and I do not intend to make any money out of this. How does this fit into your free for personal use policy and what actions do you recommend I take? I would hate to be stepping on your toes as the author. As I say this is something I do for fun and I really like this font.

vallex  autor de Obelix Pro Broken   27/09/2016
Hi. Feel free to use the font for personal use. Enjoy !!!
charmlessman37  27/01/2017
I would love to use this font as the logo for my new music studio (which is essentially just a room in my house). While I hope to make money off the music I make I'm really going to be the sole user of the studio. Really don't have to give it a studio name, just thought it would be cool and this font would fit it well, if that is ok, that is.
vallex  autor de Obelix Pro Broken   29/03/2017
Hello charmlessman37. Feel free to use it. Enjoy. Goog luck.
varolhm  13/09/2017
Hi, I really liked this logo and I only want to use use letter `g`. I know I' cant use it for buisiness so can I change it a little bit and make my brand logo. Nice work byw:)
minozzzzz  07/07/2018
hello , i wanna use this for shirts design

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